About Us

ComCare's Mission to the World's Hearing Impaired

There are more than 250 million hearing impaired people in the world. Many are children. Principal causes of hearing loss are disease and congenital factors. The majority of the world's hearing impaired live in developing countries, where audiological help is scarce or non-existent.

headphonesThe world’s commercial hearing aid manufacturers produce hearing aids that are much too expensive and delicate for developing countries. Moreover, their aids use batteries that must be replaced constantly - a difficult requirement for disadvantaged people in isolated locations.

The mission of ComCare International is to serve the disadvantaged, hearing-impaired in less developed countries. We accomplish this by:

  • manufacturing a low-cost, rugged solar rechargeable hearing aid;
  • working with other organizations or individuals to establish or augment audiological services through training, encouragement and equipment donation;
  • serving as a network facilitator for audiologists, otolaryngologists (ENT's) and others who desire to participate in international missions